The most effective method to Stop Norton com setup Antivirus

Programs that begin working without anyone else alongside the Windows boot process are viewed as startup things. A couple of these startup things that you will discover in your PC framework may be a flag-bearer benefit, antivirus programming, download directors and media programs. On the off chance that any of these projects are introduced on your PC framework, then the speed of your PC will back off. Accordingly, it is best to incapacitate these projects to guarantee that you show signs of improvement execution from the framework.


nortonn com setup


  • Reboot your PC in experimental mode.

For killing Nortoncom setup, the principal thing that you have to do is to reboot the working framework into experimental mode. By coming up in protected mode, the Norton Antivirus introduced on your framework won’t stack. The other preferred standpoint you have is that no spyware, infections, or other malware can enter the framework.


  • Go to begin menu and sort “Run” order in the Search bar.
  • Sort “msconfig” in the exchange box and after that press Enter. (This will open a window on the screen, which is called msconfig window.)
  • In the showed up window, go to the “boot” tab, and check the “safeboot” box.
  • Click “apply” and afterward shut the window.
  • Click “yes” on the framework reboot choice that shows up on the screen.


  • Stop Norton Antivirus startup through the msconfig window.


  • Go to begin catch and tap on “run” discourse box.
  • Sort “msconfig” in the crate once again. (msconfig window will popup.)
  • Go to the “startup” tab. (all the startup projects will be displayed in a window)
  • Among those different projects, look for “Norton Antivirus” program.
  • What’s more, when you discover it, uncheck the crate and snap “apply”.


After that a window will fly up to ask you reboot your PC. Be that as it may, you don’t need to snap “yes”, as the framework is not set totally. Along these lines, you need to design the “boot” tab before rebooting the framework.


  • Stop Norton with the assistance of Norton Antivirus.


  • Go to the alternative menu of your Norton com setup Antivirus program.
  • A rundown will be shown, and afterward select Norton Antivirus.
  • Go to “Random”. (Again another window will show up)
  • In the new window, uncheck the case “Sweep framework records at startup” and snap “alright”.


  • Acquire your PC ordinary mode.

Once your Norton com setup Antivirus startup debilitating is done, then further you need to design the boot choice. What’s more, for that you have to take after the means previously mentioned and open the msconfig window once more.


  • Go to the “boot” tab and uncheck the case alongside “safeboot”.
  • Press “apply” and close the window.
  • After you close it, it will request that you reboot the framework, squeeze “yes”.



Download Norton com setup From here


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